Read all about our Fun Flavours with Kombucha Workshop

Read all about our Fun Flavours with Kombucha Workshop

Saturday, Nov 02 2019

With Summer just around the corner, we have been reminded of how refreshing kombucha can be.  Of course we stock the delicious Remedy Kombucha in our fridge which is ready to serve, but that is a completely different product to home made kombucha and we get that when it comes to making your own kombucha at home, there are lots of questions...

This Summer we will once again be running our Fun Flavours with Kombucha Workshops with the amazing Briony Kean.  These classes have been extremely popular and a wealth of information for anyone starting out or just curious about how to put the fizzy in this extremely health drink.


Our workshops are packed full of information, there is lots of chatting about your SCOBY, how to look after it, how to go from the first ferment to the second, how much to drink, what flavours to introduce, how to "Hotel" your SCOBY, storage vessels etc etc.  Briony is fantastic as she shares her own personal stories of her home brew.

There is also a lot of hands on experimenting as you get the opportunity to try different flavours and create your own blend (my personal favourite being pineapple and mint).  

At the end of the class, everyone goes home with a jar of first ferment kombucha (with SCOBY) and a second ferment with the fruit flavours of your choice.  There is also a great hand out for quick reference and trouble shooting to get you started at home.  This really is all you need to get started on your home kombucha making journey.

For more information regarding classes, feel free to drop in and chat or book one of our upcoming classes online here.


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