Friday, Mar 23 2018

What a great setting for an evening of fresh cheese making!  The room is filled with around 15 people - groups as well individuals who have a passion, or maybe even just a curiosity about how to make their own fresh cheese. Our presenter Janelle who knows what she is talking about answers all questions about cheese making throughout the night.  

She is from Mad Millie, which is the curious name of the company who make DIY food crafting kits.  An Italian Cheese Making Kit valued at $39.95 is included in the $85 per head cost of the class. It’s great value really – learn how to make cheese, take home a Mad Millie Italian Cheese Making Kit, catch up with friends, taste lots of food samples and enjoy a glass of wine. What’s not to love?

The class focus is on the art of making fresh cheese and in particular, ricotta, halloumi and mozzarella.  This is a cheese making beginner’s cooking class which has both demonstration and hands on elements. Specific cheese making techniques are taught and Janelle unveils terms such as curd, whey, culture, citric acid, rennet, enzymes as well as many interesting facts about dairy. The milk used is fresh, unhomogenised, Schulz Organic full cream milk which comes straight from the dairy in Timboon. It’s the perfect base for these fresh cheeses.  Students are able to get in and have a go within the 3-hour time frame. Mozzarella stretching is a highlight of the class. It’s a challenging skill at first but with the right instruction is mastered well. Janelle guides students to achieve great results. Everything made is of course consumed by guests. The homemade pizza really shows off how minimal ingredients and home-made cheese can be so fabulous together. Guests gush over the amazing flavour and texture achieved by making cheese yourself.  

During all cooking classes at Heart of Hall, students are invited to join the exclusive and private Heart of Hall Facebook page (only for Heart of Hall students) where photos from the class are shared, questions answered and home cooking success is celebrated. There is also an opportunity to purchase other cheese making accessories or kits and anything else at all from the fabulous retail store. Heart of Hall is only 8km from the CBD and is a real highlight for anyone interested in food and cooking.  It really does have the best cooking classes in Melbourne.

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