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What makes Heart of Hall’s coffee so good?

Saturday, Aug 24 2019

At Heart of Hall fabulous coffee is a priority.  So we have made it our business to choose a fabulous, local coffee roaster as well as find baristas who know and love their craft!

I know you are wondering what we actually do so that every cup of coffee is so good? Here’s our secret...

Beans: Only great quality raw beans can be made into great coffee!  We love our local coffee roaster who care deeply about what they do and where their coffee beans come from.  We get our beans from Small Batch Coffee Roasting Co., located in North Melbourne (famous for their first café, The Auction Rooms).  Their coffee is grown sustainably and is responsibly sourced from the world’s great coffee regions. The team at Small Batch painstakingly source and buy the best raw ingredients (AKA green beans) directly from producers.



They know their coffee producers extremely well and they regularly visit the coffee-growing regions of El Salvador, Colombia, Guatemala, and Costa Rica to choose the best beans. They also support these growers by providing fair pay for their crops and upgrading farming equipment to assist with good, organic farming practices.  Small Batch also selects African coffee through 3rd parties who share their values.

    Roasting:  Small Batch know how to get the best flavour from their green beans.  The roast is different for each type of bean and also on how the bean will eventually be brewed.  Lighter roasts will usually be more suited for milder coffee styles such a pour-over brews where darker roasts are better suited to espresso brews.  The Small Batch Candyman served at Heart of Hall is a sweet, balanced espresso blend that tastes great with or without milk.


      Brew: This is where a trained expert is required.  Our baristas understand the beans they are working with.  The team at Small Batch spend a lot of time working with our baristas at Heart of Hall make sure we know how to get the best flavour from the beans.  There are many variables that can affect the taste of your coffee and our baristas work hard to make sure your coffee is great, every time. This includes:
        • freshly grinding beans for every single coffee
        • precisely measuring each and every grind
        • meticulously timing the extraction of every shot
        • perfectly heating, texturing and pouring your preferred type of milk

        Milk: Our baristas perfectly heat and texture the milk for each coffee order.  We use top quality fresh, full-cream and low-fat, unhomogenised cow’s milk from Timboon Dairy (supplied by Schulz Organic Dairy in Timboon).  This milk provides an amazing creamy texture for our coffee. We also have Milklab Lactose free milk, Bonsoy soy milk, Milk Lab almond milk and Oatly oat milk for our customers who prefer dairy-free options.

          Tell us how you like your coffee and we will make it how you like it! Guaranteed!  What’s your favourite coffee?

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