Italian Feast Cooking Class, FRIDAY 30th Aug 6:30PM

Heart Of Hall


"L'appetito vien mangiando"  - The appetite comes while eating.  

This popular Italian saying really should be our mantra here at Heart of Hall and the Venezia tradition of Cicchetti plates is the perfect place to start our Italian feast.  Like Spain's Tapas, these small sharing plates of simple ingredients are traditionally served at the bar and are made to bring family and friends together. Cicchetti plates really do get the taste buds excited and entice your appetite.  Paired with a Spritz Aperol, we are certainly getting the night started right.

The main dish of the night will be a pillowy potato gnocchi, which you will lovingly shape and cook yourself and will be the perfect vehicle for your sauce.

Of course the evening isn't complete without something sweet...Ricotta Zeppoles or Italian donuts, served with a zesty lemon curd this is a definite crowd pleaser.


This is a three hour  hands on class and includes a menu of:

Spritz Aperol
Cicchetti Plates
Ricotta Zeppole & Lemon Curd served with Limoncello

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